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Assembly language for the web. Potential replacement for Javascript.

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WebAssembly Beyond Javascript: build fast, lean websites with WebAssembly 21 hours For the last 20 years, Javascript has been the de-facto standard for in-browser, client-side scripting. WebAssembly represents a new direction. Built into the browser, this binary format will allow developers to compile and execute code written in any language from within the browser. WebAssembly is portable, small and efficient. It enables fast loading times and can run on existing Javascript platforms by translating its binary code to asm.js. More importantly, WebAssembly paves the way for executing newer, more intensive applications such as virtual reality and high-end gaming, to name a few, from within browser. In this course, we cover the evolution of web programming, the state of things today, and what can be done with the advent and release of WebAssembly. The course will be both explanatory and practical, providing the essential theory and walking participants through the creation of their own WebAssembly program.  Audience Web developers C and C++ developers Format of the course Course will be hands-on and tasked-based C and C++ will be used for exercises

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